Hi, my name is Kukuh Nova Putra, a Frontend Developer who focus on WordPress Themes and Website Templates. Currently, am trying to learn about Mobile Apps.

A man who love Design and Code.

What I Do? _

Here Are Some Of My Playground


WordPress Themes

I create a WordPress theme for free. So you can download, share, use or edit without removing any credit.


Web Templates

In my free time, I create some static Web Template too. So, you can use it for your website project.

Features _

Features You Get From My Themes and Template


My WordPress Themes and Template is responsive. So, the User Interface is not broken when someone accesses your website on any devices.


It's mean you can edit or add some features there. With follow the rule of code, you can play with them without worry to broke it.

Clean Code

I write every code with carefully and I always used comments in every single section of the layout to make it readable. Interest to see inside?

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Some Portfolios That I Have

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